Folks, welcome to the 21st century of online dating, in past people use to swipe or go into the bar to find their soulmate or they use to find them in the newspaper or the random chat numbers for friendship and during 80’s you can record your videos and upload it on video dating.


If we talk about today’s world finding partner online is very easy you just need to swipe down the photos and you can choose among them and you can hit your lines on the chat box placed on all online dating websites, the problem arises when the people who register themselves on these dating sites and get no success they discontinue online dating services.


Here, we will tell you how you can make your online date a success, finding your partner online is not that tough and risky as you think for it. If you hate online dating and never got any success, we will teach you how you can get success in online dating and you will surely start loving it. Know the steps!


The first step for online dating success is making your account on make your profile a real one, upload your best photos on your profile the most important thing to keep in mind is never put any washroom selfies on your profile, the profile picture should be decent and attractive.


There might be hundreds of questions coming up in your mind that who will contact you first, whether you have to email first or she will email you first, no problem we will discuss here the five successful tips through which you can get a perfect date at the very first approach.

  • Email to call

When he/she responds to your email in a positive way, then only you should exchange any kind of personal information with the person whom you are dating, the most important thing to keep in mind is when you share your number with the person what you need to do is you will have to put a privacy layer through a software known as Google Voice number which is easy and fast to setup. So first built a healthy relationship and trust and then only share your address or phone number online.

  • Ice-breakers

When you send a message for the first time, you should never use a one-liner. The look out of one-liner is sluggish and seems unreal conversation. There are very high chances of being rejected. So what you need to do is send a brief email in which the person who is reading understands that you have read his/her profile briefly and then you are sending him/her mail.

If you are specific in your conversation at there will be more chances of selection over rejection.

  • Video Chat

Video chat is something you can do with your partner when you are far away, and you don’t have time to meet because of several meetings lined up at your work. There are several options like Facebook, Skype or FaceTime where you can chat, and the best part with is there is a choice of camera chat where you can log in and start a video chat by writing down the person’s ID and start talking.

  • Phone call

So here comes the best part the phone call, which is a very important part when you date with the person whom you want to marry or want to make your girlfriend. Now,  the most important part you need to store up in your mind never start a discussion about your past, as soon as you discuss your past your relationship can come to an end and on the other hand, not your house stories as well. The crux is never reveal everything too soon it can be a boring topic and also the person might not feel comfortable so flirt, flirt and flirt and ask few questions or funny kind of chats so that person doesn’t feel uncomfortable and starts liking you more and more.

  • First Date

if you ask me that is it your first date?? I will say no as it’s your meeting day 1 as you will meet the person the first time and you will read him/her. The first thing you need to keep in mind is you should meet somewhere in public place as I have already mentioned before that never meet the person first time in your flat or some private place always have a seat in public-place and you should always tell your family members or friends that where you are going and with whom you are meeting with. Start your date today at chat and enjoy. So please don’t quit online dating and make real connections today.


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